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B’nB Broker Buyer is your one stop shop when buying a diamond. Expanding on our popular Diamond Grading services, B’nB can save you thousands on your next diamond purchase with our wholesale diamond buying, gem cutting, and stone setting services.

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Buy A Wholesale Diamond

Let B’nB help find your dream stone for less using our new Wholesale Diamond Buying Service. We find customers the the best prices on certified loose diamonds, of all cuts and sizes, using our trusted network of global suppliers to save thousands compared to retail stores.

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Diamond Stone Setting

Diamond jewelry can make an exquisite gift or stunning personal accessory but having the right setting is key. With our stone setting service, B’nB can help you transform a loose diamond into your dream ring, bracelet, necklace, and more.

Catering to a wide range of tastes, from classic and understated to bold and fashion-forward, B’nB uses experienced jewelers with expertise in all types of gemstone and diamond setting styles to set most any mounting, new or old. From a simple four prong to the most difficult Micro-pave, we can set, finish, and polish your jewelry with stones you already have or ones purchased wholesale through us.

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Diamond Cutting & Repair

Did you know that a diamond’s cut is the determining factor in just how much brilliance the stone will radiate? Unfortunately it’s not uncommon to find the diamonds in your cherished pieces of jewelry have been cut too deep/steep or too spready/shallow, having a profound impact on a diamond’s overall look and value. That’s where B’nB comes in.

Our competitively priced diamond cutting services include recutting, reshaping, and repairing of damaged stones or below grade cuts, transforming them into breathtaking one-of-a-kind gems with very little loss of carat weight.

We don’t take chances with your diamond. B’nB only works with highly trained and experienced craftsmen who carefully inspect and analyze your stone to get the best cut possible, giving your diamond a true “extreme makeover”.

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